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Full Covid-19 Cases Country Wise

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What Is Coronavirus?

This is a respiratory virus that can cause a condition called pneumonia. You may have heard of flu, but people with this virus are also susceptible to respiratory infections. The most common symptoms of this virus include fever, cough, and difficulty breathing. In some people, the illness can be very severe, especially children who may develop a serious condition called sepsis.

The first symptom of this virus is a cough that can be hard to control. Some people who suffer from this illness may experience shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. It’s important to note that these symptoms do not always indicate the presence of this illness. This illness can also cause a disorder known as pneumonia, which is a condition in which there is excess fluid in the lungs, sometimes causing fluid to ooze from the lungs. Children are particularly susceptible to this infection, since their bodies are more able to process bacteria and other infectious agents. Adults who have been exposed to the virus can experience the same symptoms but with an elevated mortality rate.

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