Home Renovation Tips: HDB flat Renovation Do’s and Don’ts

Being an HDB flat owner, you must have been finding some new ways to increase the living space in your home, such as by adding mezzanine floors or staircases and to give your house an entirely new look and feel by doing home renovation.

Everyone has a dream to live in their dream home with gorgeous aesthetics but if you’ve already bought your own HDB flat in Singapore than home renovation in Singapore will take a huge dip into your savings. Also, adding unauthorised extensions to your flat may place additional load on the structure and compromise the structural integrity of the building as well.

Generally, the main concern with HDB flats is the lack of space and as an owner, you have to deal with all those narrow hallways and cramped room on a daily basis.

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So, here we’ve got some of the do’s and don’ts of HDB flat renovation that would help you reduce the cost of your home interior and help you to make your dream home.

Hacking Matters: Check before You Hack or Demolish:

If you have bought a resale flat or a new flat and now you want to taking down a single partition or removing the floor and wall finish off a room, prior approval from HDB is required before you demolish any of the walls of the flat because any kind of demolition work brings major repercussions.

In a resale flat, if the tiles laid over floors that are in a bad shape will cause a problem in a long run, in this context hacking is become essential or if the flat has any kind of non-load bearing walls than to build a new and stronger foundation for the house hacking is important. A professional civil engineer or structural works is required to supervise the home renovation.

If you are concerned about the valuation of your home then you should not hack because hacking of the walls may compromise in the valuation of the house.

Get a False Ceiling: Yes or No?

False ceiling has slowly by surely made their way into urban homes. They are best for providing camouflage for electric wiring, ducts and pipes meant for cooling and heating devices, sprinklers and lighting fixers also, false ceiling gives a neat and homogeneous look to your home.

The disadvantage a false ceiling is, they reduce the height of your room as much as 15cm and make the place look cramped that would ultimately affect the comfort and quality of living. As a homeowner, you should ensure that there is minimum clearance height 2.4 m between the false ceiling and the finished floor level and only the non-combustible materials should be used.

Bathroom Renovations:

If you are thinking to renovate your bathroom in your HDB flat than take note: There is a three year restriction period for removing walls and floor finishes in the bathrooms and toilets of the HDB flat because the waterproofing works might damage and water does start leak to the neighbouring units. Also, only ready-made fibreglass tubs weighing no more than 400kg are allowed.

The installation of concrete water tanks are not allowed as that might lead to loading issues. However, being an HDB flat owner you can still get their desired flooring by laying tiles over the existing bathroom walls or tiles over the existing floor instead of hacking away the existing ones.
After the three year restriction period lapses, you require the permit if you want to enlarge the space of your bathroom. However, the extended area of the bathroom cannot exceed 600mm in width and can be used as a dry area, such as for washbasin or shelves.


If your HDB flat’s window gets damaged for some reason than you have to seek the HDB’s permission if you want to replace the damaged window frame. The HDB does not allow to change the full height window, a qualified person should submit the relevant documents or the structural calculations and draw to the Building & Construction Authority (BCA) first before the commencement of the works.
Once the document got submitted by the qualified person, a BCA-approved window contractor should then submit a permit to start the replacement work of the window. The window designs will have to comply with the HDB’s original windows in terms of color, type and dimensions.

Final Words:

If you are owning an HDB flat and want to renovate it then above-mentioned HDB flat renovation do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind so that you would get the home interior design work done on time and within your budget. Also, by following the HDB’s guidelines the home renovation process would become smooth and efficient renovation process.

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