Tools to consider for finding Bugs and Defects

Developing a software or application is not enough. Every web or mobile based product is pliable to number of cyber threats in the form of bugs, loopholes in interface, errors, defects etc. And in the products with increased number of features and unique characteristics, the chances of getting infiltrated becomes higher.

Testing in Software Engineering is the most significant and critical part for your product’s success. While a software developer writes the codes for your app, a Tester is going to check it thoroughly with the help of manual or automated tools to identify the bugs and errors in your product. Advanced Bug tracking tools are used to track the defects and bugs and come up with ways to get rid of them for a flawless and smooth user experience.

Though, there are many effective and operative Defect Management tools that you can find in software industry, some may be free to use, while others need to be purchased. Listed below are top 5 bug tracking tools, that are considered the best of the lot, given to their easy and cooperative user interface with multiple features.

  • JIRA
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With options such as early bugs reporting, maintaining defect log, strategies on how to get rid of it and integrating the code, JIRA is considered the most popular and advanced tool for tracking of bugs. It supports a number of add-ons and is compatible with most of the devices and provides quite the effective fixes. 


It is the most basic and simple online tool available for everyone. The interface is quite scalable and easy to understand and BugZilla is compatible with Windows and Linux and is comparatively easy to understand and offers budgeted options for all. 


ReqTest is a type of bug tracking tool which provides a cooperation between the QA tester and the software developer. This process escalates the process of identifying and tracking down the bugs. It allows the JIRA users to synchronize with ReqTest. 


This tracking tool provides a precise monitoring of the defects and bugs. It gives a detailed report with appropriate data on any changes or updates carried in the software and thus its considered one of the finest bug tracking tool.


It assimilates easily with quite a lot of Bug Tracking tools to work for Manual as well as Automated testing. It supports cloud-based integration making it inimitable and distinct than the rest. In case you still find yourself hanging in middle of nowhere, a testing firm such as HikeQA can assist you better by providing a number of QA Testing services for your product.

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