What Causes Diabetes Type 2? 3 Ways to Prevent Diabetes Type 2

What Causes Diabetes Type 2? 3 Effective Ways to Effectively Prevent Diabetes Type 2

In the world of modern medicine, most of us can find out causes of diabetes type 2. While the question is often framed in terms of specific lifestyle choices (excessive amount of carbohydrates in the diet, sudden weight loss), most people find out causes of diabetes type 2 by medical diagnosis. If you’ve ever suffered from diabetes yourself, you’re probably well aware of the difficulties that come with it. Knowing the key factors which cause diabetes type 2 is an important first step in combating this chronic condition.

One of the leading factors contributing to the development of diabetes type 2 is a malfunctioning of the insulin-producing pancreatic cells and the release of harmful byproducts (Lipid Peroxidation) as a result. A serious issue with our body’s ability to properly metabolize and utilize insulin is the prime culprit of chronic problems with blood sugar levels. If these two factors aren’t properly addressed, serious complications will result.

As we age, our bodies stop producing insulin as effectively as they did as children. Diabetes type 2 is actually a collection of alterations to the DNA of the pancreas. Most individuals born with a defective gene for producing insulin are predisposed to developing this disease later in life. In addition, there are other factors which may contribute to the development of diabetes type 2. A history of dieting (eating more calories than our bodies need) is very high on the list of these factors.

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More evidence that what causes diabetes type 2 is diet is the fact that certain foods (like chocolate, alcohol, and sugar) are thought to trigger the increased production of insulin. While alcohol and sugar can be consumed in moderation, other foods can be absolutely devastating if consumed excessively.

Whatever the underlying issue is, the answer to “what causes diabetes type 2” is usually in our genes. Genetic issues such as hyperglycemia and insulin resistance (which are precursors to Type II diabetes) often go hand in hand with obesity and dieting/losing weight. The removal of excess fats from the body is essential to achieving a healthy and low blood sugar balance.

Many Americans live a sedentary lifestyle – many who don’t even drive a car, some who live exclusively off of fast food. This is one of the primary reasons that diabetes type 2 is a genetic issue. We have become so accustomed to what we eat and drink that we are sedentary, overweight, and malnourished.

Our ability to control our sugar levels is hindered by the consumption of unhealthy carbohydrates, even those that are considered “good carbs”. One of the worst things you can do is to eat junk food, like French fries and other greasy, fatty snacks. A healthy, nutritious diet consisting of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats is the best way to maintain a healthy, low blood sugar level.

Understanding on diabetes type 2 is important in order to prevent this serious condition. With the right diet and exercise plan, you can effectively combat the effects of diabetes type 2 without having to resort to the dangerous diabetes drugs that may not even treat the underlying problem.

What Causes Diabetes Type 2? 3 Effective Ways to Effectively Prevent Diabetes Type 2

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